International Students

Tidewater Academy welcomes applications from international students!  Consistent with the mission of the school, we seek to enroll students who can benefit from our program and contribute to the school community.  For more information about Tidewater Academy’s admissions process for international students, please contact Admissions Director, Brandee Phillips at (757) 899-5401. Tuition and Fees -International Students 2017

Tidewater has a long history of enrolling and graduating international students from many different countries, including Korea, Spain, and Lithuania.  As students at the school, they participated in Music, Drama, Student Government Association, National Honor Society, Tennis, Basketball, and Soccer.

Tidewater Academy is located in Wakefield, Virginia in the southeastern portion of the state.  The town of Wakefield is known for its safe and friendly small town charm, and is just a short drive from the major metropolitan centers of Richmond, Washington, DC, and Virginia Beach, as well as nationally recognized universities and colleges.

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