Student Government Association

Upcoming Events

  • SGA Officers will meet the first and third Wednesdays of each month

About TA’s Student Government Association (SGA)

At Tidewater Academy, both the Middle School and Upper School have Student Government Associations (SGA). They play an important role in the life of our school. SGA’s mission is to demonstrate the principles of a democratic government and good citizenship; foster a closer relationship among students, faculty, and staff; promote school spirit; advocate on behalf of all students in regards to academics and other school issues; and plan student activities such as Homecoming.

The SGA at TA is very active in planning and coordinating Homecoming activities, fundraising, and performing community service. They lead a school-wide canned food drive, and during the holidays they collect and donate hats, mittens, and socks to those in need.  Advisors for SGA are Mrs. Brandee Phillips and Mrs. Lindsey Lobur.

Upper School’s 2016-17 Officers are Taylor Laxton (President), Zach Goodrich (Vice President), and Whitney Haywood (Secretary/Treasurer).  Middle School’s 2016-17 Officers are Delaney Gerschick (President), Olivia Richards (Vice President), and Jamison Rogers (Secretary/Treasurer).


2016-17 School Year

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