Arts at TA

Tidewater Academy strives to provide an arts program that nurtures artistic expression, skill development, and an overall appreciation for the arts. Our Lower School curriculum provides visual art and music classes for our youngest students, and integrates into its academic classes the exploration of dramatic arts. Our Lower School students present several plays and music productions each school year. The Middle and Upper School curriculum provides Art I, II, III, & IV classes for our older students. In these classes our students further develop their skills and techniques by producing two and three dimensional designs using a variety of media.  Students also explore the dramatic arts with productions like Julius Caesar, Grease, Footloose, and The Wizard of Oz.  Each year, the AVA Arts Festival is an opportunity for students to showcase a variety of artistic talents from singing and dancing to instrumental performances and visual arts.  From preschool to high school, our goal at Tidewater Academy is to not only inspire a lifelong appreciation for the arts, but also to motivate our students to continue their journey of artistic discovery and self-expression.