Why Choose TA?

Top 10 Reasons Why TA is the Right School for You!

#1 You’ll feel that connection! You’ll be surrounded by other students whose goals and aspirations are much like your own. TA students are able to achieve their goals and are here because they are excited to be here.

#2 You won’t get lost in the crowd! You’ll find it easy to get to know your classmates, your teachers, and your athletic coaches. You’ll know them in the classroom, on the athletic field, and in extracurricular activities. You’ll be a valued member of the school.

#3 Your “winning” spirit will be hard to hide! You’ll achieve quickly in subject areas where you are strong, and you’ll receive extra attention when you are having difficulty. You’ll develop your potential inside the classroom, in clubs and extracurricular activities, and on the athletic field.

#4 TA will be your home away from home! Your friends, teachers, coaches, and activity leaders will feel like family to you.

#5 You’ll see the “value” in values! You’ll discover that your experiences inside and outside the classroom at TA will work hand in hand in building character, respect for yourself and others, honesty, trust, and a positive outlook that will guide you for the rest of your life.

#6 At TA, you can participate, get involved, and be a member of the team! In contrast to much larger schools, you don’t have to be the smartest, the tallest, the fastest, or the most skilled to participate in clubs, activities, and sports at Tidewater Academy. Everyone has an opportunity, and you’ll enjoy exploring those opportunities and finding your passion.

#7 You’ll love your teachers and coaches! They work at TA because they want to make a difference; they want to teach you; they want to guide you; they want you to succeed.

#8 Your happiness at school will make your parents happy, and they will be excited about getting involved too! Your parents will enjoy attending school events, meeting other parents, and participating in various volunteer opportunities at the school.

Tidewater Academy graduates attend fantastic colleges and universities! Not only do they get accepted and enroll at highly respected colleges and universities in Virginia and beyond, they graduate and go on to exciting careers.

#10 You’ll make memories for a lifetime! And, you will carry those positive memories and experiences with you as you embark on new stages of your life. You’ll make a point of telling others that you are an alumni of Tidewater Academy.

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