Tuition & Fees 2017-18

Tuition for new students (Grades 1-12) for the 2017-18 is $5,500.00.  For additional enrollment information, or to schedule a tour, please contact Admissions Director, Brandee Phillips by Phone (757) 899-5401 or email

New Student Tuition & Fees 2017-18
Kindergarten $4,500.00
Grades 1-12 $5,500.00

Returning Student Tuition & Fees 2017-18
Grades 1-5 $6,800.00
Grades 6-12 $7,200.00

International StudentsTuition and Fees 2017-18

Preschool: A weekly payment plan is available for preschool.  Students have the option to attend 5 days per week for the morning or full day program, or may opt to attend for 3 days per week for the morning or full day program.  It is strongly recommended that 4 year-olds planning to enroll in Kindergarten in Fall 2018 attend a five day, half or full day, program.

3 & 4 Year Old – Morning Program (5 days per week) – 8:00am-12:00pm (4 hours of instruction) – $15.00 per half day / $259.50 per month / $2,595.00 per year – Morning Program (3 days per week) – $15.00 per half day / $180.00 per month / $1,800.00 per year

3 & 4 Year Old – Full Day Program (5 days per week) – 8:00am-2:45pm (7 hours of instruction) – $23.13 per day / $400.00 per month / $4,000.00 per year – Full Day Program (3 days per week) – $23.13 per day / $277.50 per month / $2,775.00 per year

Payment Plans:

  • All tuition payments are handled by FACTS Management Company.
  • Weekly payment plans may be arranged for preschool tuition.
  • Please note, all payments made via credit card will be assessed a 3% surcharge.


  • A non-refundable registration fee of $150 for preschool.
  • A non-refundable registration fee of $250 for kindergarten.
  • A non-refundable registration fee of $250 for all new and returning students (Grades 1-12) who qualify for the $5,500 tuition rate.
  • A non-refundable deposit of $500 per returning student (Grades 1-12).  This deposit is deducted from the tuition costs per child for 2017-18.
  • A $500 late registration fee, per student.  This fee is not deductible from the total tuition obligation.
  • If enrolling for the first time after the normal start of school, the tuition charges may be prorated for the remainder portion of the school year.

Family Plan:

  • Families with 3 or more students in grades K-12 will be assessed half of the regular tuition for the third (youngest) child and/or following child registered beyond a total of 2.

Transportation Fee:

  • Transportation will be offered for the 2017-18 school year.
  • $600 transportation fee.
  • Complete the transportation registration form to register for transportation.

Building Fee:

  • New TA families will be assessed a one-time $500.00 building fund fee, payable during the first year.


  • A list of ISBN numbers for each textbook will be available to parents.
  • Parents are required to purchase all textbooks.
  • Some textbooks will be available for purchase through the school.
  • Used textbooks may be purchased from students or parents through book exchange.
  • If applicable, textbooks may be purchased on a student’s personal IPAD or Kindle for use in the Middle or Upper School.

Financial Assistance Program:

  • Funds are awarded on the basis of financial need.
  • All aid granted from Tidewater Academy is given on a first come, needs basis.
  • All information received in the Financial Aid Office is considered confidential.
  • The following information must be on file in the TA Financial Aid Office to be considered for financial aid: 1)The Parents’ Financial Statement (PFS) must be completed in its entirety online at 2)A copy of your most recent U.S. Income Tax Return (1040 Tax Form) must be on file. 3)A copy of your most recent W2 forms must be on file. 4)A signed copy of IRS Form 4506 must be on file.
  • For additional information, contact Admissions & Financial Aid Director Brandee Phillips at (757) 899-5401.

Consequences for Non-Payment:

  • The parties agree that all amounts due under this contract must be paid on time.
  • Default on payment shall render the entire balance due on demand without further notice.
  • After default, the patron is responsible for the entire balance, plus attorney fees and costs if placed for collection.
  • The parties understand and agree that the student, for whom this contract is entered, may not attend school or any school activities until all amounts due and payable under this agreement have been paid.
  • The Tidewater Academy Board of Directors’ policy regarding delinquent accounts is as follows:  For students to continue their studies in school, and to take final examinations and receive report cards, transcripts or documents, or have records transmitted, regular payments must be made on time or a $25 late fee per month will be assessed.  Students will be dismissed from school on the last day of the month when a payment is not received by the 20th of the month in which it is due.

Early Withdrawal From School:

  • Parents or legal guardians of students withdrawn from school prior to the scheduled end of the school year will be responsible for payment of the entire year (tuition and fees) in which their child is enrolled at the time of withdrawal.
  • Exceptions will include: A family moving from the area served; A child being withdrawn for medical reasons per instructions from a physician; Withdrawal within five days of the commencement of the semester in which the students is first enrolled.  Any such request for exceptions must be made in writing to the school.